Membership Benefits

Membership in the NSCA entitles a collector to a subscription to the club’s newsletter, SCRIP TALK, featuring    

• Articles on the history of scrip

• Information about coal and lumber companies who issued scrip

• Unusual tokens

• Information on the die makers and manufacturers who produced scrip

• Free classified ads for members

• Timely news on the NSCA activities, plans and publications

Also included in membership is access to back issues of SCRIP TALK and access to Gordon Dodrill's excellent book, 20,000 COAL COMPANY STORES.


NSCA meetings are held each Spring and Fall, generally somewhere in the Appalachian coalfields, and members meet to trade, buy, sell, and swap scrip and coal mining paraphernalia of all sorts, conduct the club’s business meetings, and enjoy the company of members from around the country.


The NSCA also revises, publishes and sells the principal books which are the tools of the trade for scrip collectors.

Some pages on this website are restricted to members only. When you join the association we'll send you the password.

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