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Kenneth Allen, Editor

Kentucky Revisions


Additions and Suggestions by:


Garrett Salyers

James B. Williams

David Mullins

Howard Fortune


This an ongoing project. As a result some editing is not in a final format. There are surely errors. Consider them to be my fault. Cut-outs are not shown. They will need to be looked at 

in Edkins 4th edition.


If there are any corrections, additions, or comments, please forward them to me or the website editor. Do not attempt to modify this document.


I hope that you find this work to be of some help.


Ken Allen                October 2023


Neal Burton and

Burley Williams, Editors

Tennessee Revisions

Additions and Suggestions By:


Neal Burton

Dennis Poland

Dewayne Terry

Burley Williams


This has been compiled by using a word Document of Third Edition Edkins with additions and modifications so it is not is any final order.

The intent is to get any corrections and additions to listings for an up to date version.


If any additions, suggestions or changes please contact any of the above individuals or Charlie or post on website.

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